I have been silent and haven’t done any travel write-up in a while unlike I used to do; It is not that I don’t have any travel updates to write about, rather, available updates are not the positive ones. I didn’t want to start writing and confessing the hardship the travel industry and Nigeria as a nation are facing at this period due to FOREX issues; so, I decided to use “the silence expression” that my friend folorunsoolayide.blogspot.com taught me. I honestly do not know the appropriate thing to write or say at this period when economy tickets are selling for over a million naira to the UK/ USA for summer travel.
On a second thought, if I continue to use “the silence expression” because I do not want to confess hardship in times like this because of my faith, then what happens to saying the truth.
The travel industry is not having a beautiful experience at this period -Ticket fares are very high, there is a drop in international travel from Nigeria, to even travel for business with high dollar rate is hard. Even when passengers have money to pay for tickets, they may not find flights to their routes because the airlines plying the routes have closed their inventories to sales done in Nigeria and others are leaving the country one after the other. Travelers have no choice than to fly available airlines that are currently selling summer tickets for over a million naira for economy seats when seat is available – although some big airlines had been selling economy seats for that price before summer.
I am sure families and individuals that bought their summer tickets around February and march are glad they did; they should just ensure they don’t miss their flights because date change and other penalties too are costly .This is the very reason I always advise we do our travel plans months before the travel dates. If you still intend to go for summer holidays please call us and let us discuss the travel options together so that you can still travel with smiles on your faces.
I know and believe GOD will take care of us no matter the situation; let us continue to pray for Nigeria and confess positively. Like me, if you don’t know the appropriate thing to say or write, just use “the silence expression”, pray and believe that the hard times shall pass away.
Happy holidays to the children on summer vacation.