Dear travel partners, greetings to you. I hope  your last week 2016 Easter  break  was  relaxing; or did you spend  part of  the holiday queuing  up for fuel and consequently unable to visit places you love? Someone recently said, motivation is presently low in my country, Nigeria and he feels like running away from the present economy crisis.

Truly, Nigeria has been bewildered with different crisis – bad leadership, terrorism, fuel scarcity, power supply problem, economy downturn etc, but on the other hand, God has given us special grace to survive these crisis. The travel industry is not excluded from present situation of the economy –  passengers complaining about increase in the price of travel fare, unstable dollar rate to naira, restricted and stringent access to dollars from banks, airlines closing shops and returning to their countries, some airlines even  reduced their availability and capacities by bringing smaller aircrafts due to their inability to remit their foreign currencies abroad.

Frankly,  I am not  trying to remind us of  how “ beautiful or hard “ it is living and surviving in Nigeria but to encourage us to hold on and stay stress free for better days ahead.  My encouragement is that we control our responses to situations in the country because, we can definitely control how we perceive and accept the situation even if we can’t control the economy crisis – stay stress free and be alive to witness the change because it will definitely come to pass.

Look inward and find every possible way of overcoming situation induced stress.  Spending   more time at home with your family is affordable and rewarding, exercising, learning new sport, learning how to cook special delicacies etc are few ways to distract our focus from negative situations and stay stress free. If you can’t afford to do the yearly trip abroad, visit places here in Nigeria or better still ask for our travel deals for the family, pray for Nigeria and her leaders, and above all, stay positive and wish the country well daily.

Personally, I will not give up on my dream of a beautiful and enviable Nigeria; desired change will surely happen in my life time. Remember, I know the perfect places that you can go and let out the stress especially when the motivation is low and you need to avoid spending huge cost; I will be waiting for your call to plan your trip or advice on where to go relax for less or free.

Life is beautiful, you get what you say, so don’t go with the economy crisis, belief and rest.