It is the beginning of the second month in 2016; I trust  you are coping with the thrills of 2016 and working hard at achieving  success .

Like last year, you have probably set personal goals to travel either alone  or with families. Were you able to achieve these goals last year?

Travel, rest and vacation, even if not abroad, are one of the things  we wanted and even want more in 2016. Who doesn’t want more?   You have travel plans written out from last year’s  list,  but  now again,  the  fear  of the situation of the economy  is making it look unachievable.

I understand when we crave to visit places and we are unable to do that because we don’t want to spend too much or we can’t afford it; we all love to travel for less or FOC (…laugh) . Obviously, top on the list of what could discourage travelling is huge cost;  with the continuous drop in the value of naira and the fall in oil price, costs of living and of course of travel ticket have become high.

One of the secrets to avoiding huge fare and travel for less in 2016 is to plan, save and buy  in advance; it is not too early to plan your trips including the summer travel  in July .  Buy now if you have the money, otherwise you can request for a fare quote in  other to know what to put aside as savings  towards travel this year . Also, take advantage of and enjoy our discounts on some airlines for individuals and more for family travel in 2016  – You can even  get more discounts when you give us referrals and they patronize us.

Below are more tips I thought would help you to travel  for less in 2016.

  • Travel at the unpopular times; not Easter, not December and of course, not summer period.
  • Be ready to buy promo anytime. Promo sometimes are for few days; it profits people who have set money aside with travel plans in place to quickly buy .
  • Be flexible with your travel plans. Call me, let us discuss and work  with possible dates to get the cheapest fare.
  • Have a stopover , it is cheaper.
  • Don’t wait till the last minute, you will definitely pay more.

I hope it is not too late to wish you a beautiful territory taking 2016.