How time flies! It is December 2015; just few days to Christmas. All through the year, December is certainly not the month for me not to have a write-up because it is my best part of the year.

I have obviously not posted any review/article on the blog for few months – I took time off to rest; stress took a toll on me and my body cried out for rest.

The super woman in me was gradually failing day by day; my workload and target increased and I totally ignored my own philosophy and advocacy that people should travel and rest.

I wanted to do many things myself – achieve perfect results, satisfy and make many people happy – all at the same time, without setting aside time for rest periodically.

I   know   its difficult for some people to set time aside for rest when there are deadlines and targets to meet at  work, too many demands and responsibilities ,bills to be paid and things to get done ; however,   we need  rest.

Challenges and anxieties of life, desperation, desire and struggle for success can wear us out to the extent of physical and emotional fatigue.

Daily hectic pace is damaging our quality of life and we need to realize crossing things off our “to do list” won’t just be enough but to , slow down , step down and  REST.

We need to take personal responsibilities to change our lifestyle habits and schedule time for rest in our calendar; we can only get busy as we choose to.

In order for us to succeed at what God has called us to do in life, we must make time for rest and rejuvenation. Ovid, a roman poet said “Take rest, a field that has rested gives bountiful crop”. Tiredness slows down our reaction to specific challenges or task, gives us mood swings and we are unable to rest.

Our level of productivity with resulting success is a function of rest. Rest is essential for a healthy body and sharp mind.  It’s impossible to find inspiration, creativity and perform remarkably well when one is exhausted and stressed.

Turn off your phones for awhile and rest. Don’t burn out and do not wait till you hear the Doctor’s warning or advice.  Every time you sincerely take out time to rest, you clear your head; your body cells are rejuvenated, you are invigorated and you perform better.

I am up, about and ready to have fun this Christmas holiday with my family. I am sure you are excited and looking forward   to having   fun too. How best can one enjoy the labor of about 365days? .

As you prepare to welcome 2016, Avoid situations that will drain you remember to plan how to take some time out to rest; your life is not a race neither are you in a race with anyone. Savor each step, laugh, dance, relax, travel, have fun and importantly take time out to REST FOR SUCCESS.

Merry Christmas