Summer 2015 rush is almost rounding up. It was another beautiful experience planning the vacation with families; our good experience came with those who beat paying the huge summer ticket price. As usual, we experienced the huge fare increase – the so called “crazy” summer fares, with each day and even minute coming with different fares. These fares are sometimes so hard to explain to new travelers and people on a very tight budget; frequent summer flyers are however accustomed to the yearly experience; It happens at peak seasons including summer.

Ticket pricing is a complex thing which I am still doing researches on. We have systems monitoring sales and adjusting prices by minutes; Prices change due to seat availability and demand. The disparity and sales tricks can’t really be explained; we find passengers on the same flight and grade paying very different fares.

Price is determined by many factors such as fare type, season, airline type, origin, destination, route etc. Competition with other airlines that offer discounted fares to attract more customers, fuel surcharges, advance booking, day of the week, supply and demand and many other factors also control the airline pricing.

Airlines do everything possible to avoid flying empty seats due to the high travel ticket price and still make profit. Some Airlines are smart to drop the fare for a day sale or two during this period to get more passengers   to buy   from them; this they do when they feel people are resisting buying the higher fares. This has been my yearly experience during the peak season when we have people going to same places at same time.

 I love to see the fare drop and also to find cheap seats for people to travel for less during the busy summer season. I love to make the joy of travel happen for people.  Fares change all the time and I hope these changes didn’t dash your hope of travel opportunities. We are always available to look for that seat you will pay less for; let’s do it again next summer and all the time.

Happy  holidays.