Fear is the feeling we experience when we get scared or worried that something bad may happen. Naturally, people express fear towards certain events, circumstances, situations or conditions, e.g. loss of a loved one, risk, darkness, height, failure, health conditions, public speaking, etc. Typically, human beings react fearfully to life threatening and stressful events; even the most courageous people on earth have fears to overcome. Unfortunately, worrying about something outside our control only robs us of our peace and joy.

 Fear (Phobia) for flying in aircraft has been expressed in different forms – fear of being shut-in for hours in the big metal aircraft, fear of flying across or being suspended over the ocean, fear of the noise and turbulence (Turbulence alone can cause some passengers to break out in cold sweat or hold tight to their seats or even co-passenger).

  Some people express fear for flying just over the thought of not being in control of the aircraft (they would probably feel safe if they were flying the plane just like driving). Other people have remarked that the negative thought of plane crash, with no hope of survival, has been the reason for fear of flying in an aircraft.

The fear of flying has prevented some people from travelling in airplane while it has prevented others from enjoying their journeys; many passengers have only managed to overcome fear of flying by induced sleep through use of pills or alcoholic drinks.

Sincerely, the fear of flying shouldn’t make anyone to avoid travelling by air. Many times, people try to make themselves feel safer by avoiding their fears and troubles; flying in an aircraft should not be avoided, rather, people should learn to overcome the phobia.

Fear imposes limitation on our potentials and abilities. Fear of flying can cause people to miss out on the beautiful chances of discovering new places and travelling around the world. The truth is that, most of our fears never come to pass, all we need do is to summon courage, confront our fears directly and they simply fade away.


Below are the few tips that can help you overcome your fear of flying.

  • Get facts or read about what worries you about flying. Learn how the plane works, take-off, turbulence, landing etc. Some airlines take “fear of flying” course for a fee.
  • Avoid stopovers, discuss airline routes and travel durations with your travel manager. Fly direct, it makes you finish the journey on time and makes the route shorter. Avoid longer routes if you can.
  • Show up at the airport early, do some shopping or get a drink to help you relax but don’t get drunk and miss your flight.
  • Request for seats at the wings and front where turbulence is low and let the airline know you are a nervous flyer if need be, some will do anything possible to help you feel comfortable.
  • Pay attention to the safety briefing while on board, be assured every possible problem has been anticipated and will be taken care of.
  • Take deep breath and relax your muscles. Get yourself enough activities- games, movies and music, while on board and keep yourself well hydrated throughout your journey.
  • Lastly keep negative thought out of your head, accept you do not have control over it and risk is part of life. There is a saying that you are likely to die on your way to the airport than on a plane. The end is most likely on the highway than on a plane.

Learn to grow from hating it to loving it. We may never become aware of our inherent power until we are free from the limitations of our fears and anxiety.

If you think you need professional help to overcome your fear of flying, do get one.   Personally, I have learnt to commit myself on to the hands of my maker in all things. I think only of the destination and not the journey.

Call me if you are ready to do that trip. Pack your bags and explore the world with me.