Air travel stopovers can be boring, frustrating and stressful at times – especially when you have to sleep at the airport, but it can be fun and unforgettable when rightly planned. Stopovers are flight connections of over 24 hours. They are sometimes unavoidable for people travelling from one end of the world to another; passengers are also forced to go through it during long haul trips.

Adventure seekers like booking multiple destinations with stopovers for fun; others take these routes because they are cheaper compared to non stopover flight otherwise known as direct flight. Travel with stopover is longer; it means bonus adventure for some people while it means delay for others.

Flight connections are short, so you may not be able to do much in terms of entering the city for site seeing. For long haul flight with stopover, you either accept staying at the airport or getting a room at the airport hotel.

Most airlines have stopovers in their home country before final destination; therefore many big cities are stopover opportunities if you are flying the national carrier.

Many airlines offer free stopovers; some even promote theirs with deals from hotels and tourist sites. I love the Dubai stopover for USA and UK trips by Emirates. I love killing two birds with a stone, taking the advantage of seeing somewhere extra and paying the price of one vacation for two destinations; it is also an opportunity for me to collect additional immigration stamp on my passport. Although one may end up having more than the usual travel days or flight duration, the joy of dashing in and out of a different city other than the travel destination, shopping and seeing something new may be worth it.

Different countries have different entry conditions during stopover; travel planners or agents can let you know if entering a city is feasible or not during stopover.

You can join us as we do the Africa multi cities stopover vacation for the price of one this summer.

Lastly what are your travel plans for the long Easter holiday? If you haven’t made any plans, please contact us at ARTRYS Travels.


Picture credit
David Mells