Welcome to a beautiful 2015. I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating the yuletide season; I had fun each day of the holiday period – celebrating with family and friends. The holiday is over; it is good to be back to work after so much fun.

Looking back at 2014, selling the joy of travel and not just travel tickets was very inspiring; I have therefore decided to sell more of the joy of travel in 2015. I have decided to sell the experience while also selling destinations.

The excitement of booking,  anticipation of the D-Day, packing luggages and saying goodbyes, boarding, the excitement of being on air, arrival and moments of seeing something new, perceived smell of new environment, the people and attractions around you. The joy of jumping on a massive bed in a beautiful hotel in a beautiful country, the shopping and site-seeing, food and local experience, new people, souvenirs, home coming and suddenly remembering and missing all the beautiful things you left behind.

Hmmm, guess you have been there and you understand and remember the feeling I am trying to describe. It’s the joy of travel and I love selling it; why not permit us to create one for you. Either as an individual, couple, business, adventure or family traveler, you should allow our capable hands at ARTRYS TRAVELS to handle your travel needs in 2015. We go the extra mile to meet your travel needs and expectations in an honest and professional way.

Create time out of the hectic schedules this year, plan a vacation and give us a call to help you actualize your plan.

Here is a toast to a beautiful travel filled 2015.