Price is very important to customers when buying tickets and other travel products. Many care about the brand, comfort, schedule etc while some don’t; some will even ask jokingly “even if it is molue, I don’t mind” so far it can fly. I know this is due to the huge amount we pay to fly; we all want to fly in comfort and style for less. How then do we fly in style and comfort for less? This can be achieved by joining the airline frequent flyer program.

Many airlines have their loyalty programs or belong to an alliance of airlines that offers accumulation of miles or points corresponding to air fare purchased and the distance flown on that airline or its partners. For the airlines, It is a way of keeping the customer coming back and building lasting relationship but for customer, it is the opportunity to get returns on money spent on airfares and other travel products.

Long haul flights will earn you more miles. Some credit card companies also partner with airlines to offer co-branded cards and miles are acquired while spending; Airlines with more partners increase opportunities for passengers to earn miles.

KLM, Delta airline, Airfrance, Kenya airways ,Middle East airline and others form the sky team while Emirates partners with South Africa airways and others to reward through the skyward program.  You don’t have to join all or fly with all; when you fly any of the airlines belonging to a particular airline frequent flyer program, all your qualifying flights with any of the alliance airlines will also earn you miles and you can redeem it. I love the Delta airline and Virgin Atlantic frequent flyer benefit; it feels cool when you get upgraded from economy to business class with your miles.

Accumulated miles can be a saving grace to passenger during high season when you spend more and other seasons too. Sincerely, it is worth taking advantage of if you fly often; it’s the opportunity to get something in return for that huge amount we pay to fly.

You can join airline frequent flying program by completing membership application form online or at check in; it’s free for most airlines. Quote your frequent flyer number when you book or at check in; passenger tickets can also be used to claim missing miles. Monitor your points, in case they don’t appear on your account; miles earned don’t expire as long as you fly within three years.

Simply joining and patiently building your miles can give you benefits like free ticket, travel class upgrade, free baggage allowance, reduced airfare when you buy with some miles, priority boarding, access to airport lounge, preferred and pre reserved seating, hotel stay, car rental and vacation packages to mention a few. You can collect and transfer miles to family member for use or buy miles for use; Benefits differ from airline to airline.

If you have been earning miles, you need to make enquiries about what it’s worth. if you haven’t, please speak to your travel manager on how to join and even claim your miles. If you hear what people enjoy with their miles you won’t joke with earning yours every time you fly. So join airline loyalty program today and make the money spent flying back.