Ghana is one of the countries to visit if you are on a low budget, want to avoid visa processing hassle, explore Africa or you are just tired of flying over the Atlantic for a vacation. It is a country I advise the “never travel” to visit in other to create a travel history.  Though we don’t often get to hear people going on vacation to Ghana, the experience is really worth it and it is worth trying some day.

GETTING THERE– You can fly from Nigeria; it is around 50K for a return ticket on aero contractor or Arik. You can also go by road, it is around 9k for a one-way trip on executive air condition buses and less for cars. Some say it is merrier going by road when in group and you get to collect stamps on your passport if your passport is still a “virgin”.

However, crossing Benin and Togo boarder (French speaking countries) with immigration protocols everywhere, for a close to 9 hours journey may be tiring if you are traveling with children. You need your international passport to travel to Ghana.

You can travel with dollars and get it converted to cedis at the airport bureau de change and get more on oxford street. The hotels are between 50 to 120 dollars per night depending on your taste and budget.

Ghanaians are friendly and peaceful people, things might be expensive for a foreigner so haggle to get a good price.

FOOD– The ovation house, a must visit. You will love the beans.

ATTRACTIONS–  visit Elmina castle, lake volta, Kakum national park, Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum,  cape coast castle to mention a few.

If you love the Ankara fabrics like me, then buy Akosombo from Makola market. Visit the dadiva shop on oxford street, get branded hand bands and bead accessories,  get the hand craft. You will love the drums too.
BEACHES –Ghana is home to many admirable beaches. It was my favorite part of the trip because I cannot forget the Lambadi beach for a long time.

So have fun in Ghana. Cheers.

Below Are Pictures Taken From The Trip