Still resting from the rush that came with summer holiday travel packages, I remembered it is the independence month in Nigeria, my fatherland – the Giant of Africa and also realized that the month is coming to an end, so fast.
My great country clocked 53 on October 1st and it was celebrated on a low key. Many may feel there is nothing to be celebrated but I feel we should be thankful to God for everything and focus on the positive – praying for the prosperity of this great nation.

Every time we bless Nigeria, we get what we say; we can only be blessed in a country we bless. I live in Nigeria and I love Nigeria, I am proud to be a Nigerian come rain or shine. You can cross the Atlantic, visit many countries and travel the length and breadth of the world, home will always be home.

Many relocated abroad for greener pastures on hearing the good reports about some countries. They arrived, lived and worked there but their stories turned to “e no easy”; some are so ashamed to come back home. Let us all play our individual roles in helping this great nation.

We are the government. Is there a country that does not have its own ills? Most countries have their own peculiar problems – in different degrees and dimensions. We can however use the positive ideas we see in developed countries whenever we travel abroad to take Nigeria to greater heights.
Nigeria is my favorite travel destination any time. Its soft sandy beaches, warm spring, beautiful hills, historical sites, beautiful culture and festive activities are enough to draw people to it.

Our quality of social lives and interaction is superb; loneliness and boredom are words we don’t know. Nigerians are happy people, with outstanding style of dressing, good people, hardworking, resilient and accommodating; ever ready to offer help to others any time. Our values, culture, food, dance, language, tribes, lifestyle can be compared to none. Nigerians stand out of the crowd where ever they go.

Visit our tourist sites like the Hermington resorts Akodo, Elegushi, Badagry beaches and other rich coastal lines. Visit the historical town of Badagry ,Lekki conservation center, Whispering palms, Obudu cattle ranch, L’e meridian golf resort – Akwa Ibom,  Yankari games reserve, Olumo rock, Ikogosi warm spring, Idanre hills, Erin  Ijesha waterfalls. Visit museums in Benin and Ife, explore Calabar, Abuja, Kano, Kwara to mention a few and you will appreciate the beauty in Nigeria. No wonder foreigners who visit or had opportunities to work in Nigeria want to come back.

Nigeria is going somewhere beautiful; there will surely be a new Nigeria of our dream.  Join me and let us celebrate the goodness in Nigeria. Let us portray Nigeria well to ourselves and then outsiders.

Happy belated independence anniversary, May we experience total freedom IJN. We will live to experience the change we desire in our life time.

God bless Nigeria. Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Below is a slideshow of where you can go this season