Accommodation is a great concern for every traveller, either you are on a business, adventure, vacation, romance trip or just exploring. We all need a place like home whenever we find our self away from home for one reason or the other . I found myself attending a weekend wedding with my family around Iperu and had no choice than to go feed my curiosity.

I had heard a lot about living spring resort. It is a form of accommodation on a large expanse of land.

Living spring resort is located at Iperu, along old Ibadan road in Ogun state .It comprises of lodgings, a gymnasium, medium-sized swimming pool, a club called the pavilion and African bar. It is really a beauty situated in the country side . The natural settings of the location, its serenity, the landscape and how the rooms were built all made the place special to me . Spacious rooms with modern and classic décor, comfortable beds but shower closet not for plus size people .

I enjoyed the English breakfast and the courteous service of the staff at the restaurant; all rates are standard.

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For the pool, you will love to take a dive even if you don’t know how to swim. I had fun; living spring resort will appeal to honeymooners, people who want to run away from stress in the city but family traveling with kids needs to make special arrangement.

We are still discussing budget travel.